Building Your Brand

Having a recognizable, trusted, and well-known brand is not only and asset but a critical foundation for any organization. Often confused with just a logo and tagline, branding is much bigger than that. It is your story told through your values, solutions, and ideas to your audience or customers.

Brand building doesn’t happen overnight. Digital Impact & builds your brand foundation by helping you find your authentic voice and then develops supportive messaging to reach your audience that’s reflective of your brand.

Our Work

Stronger San Diego

DI& helped Stronger San Diego build a new audience surrounding homelessness advocacy. Through refined branding, we generated an online audience that advocated for real solutions to homelessness, held local leaders accountable, and pushed political engagement.

Councilmember David Alvarez

From 2010-2018, we worked with Councilmember David Alvarez creating a marketing and communications program that helped the Councilmember build his established brand as a fighter for the community. During the Councilmember’s tenure, his NameID and brand recognition increased from just under 4% to a high of 68%.

Holly Drive Leadership Academy

DI& helped Holly Drive Leadership Academy modernize its website and make the mobile and desktop versions more user-friendly. By updating the website we were able to improve the school’s SEO results and make sure that all the necessary information is more accessible for parents of the current student population as well as potential parents.

Councilmember Paloma Aguirre

We helped Councilmember Paloma Aguirre create and implement a digital marketing program for her successful Imperial Beach City Council election. We designed her campaign website, logo, mailers, digital marketing materials, and email marketing program as well as her social media presence. As a result of our efforts, we helped Paloma become the first Latina Councilmember for the City of Imperial Beach.


DI& helped Ozobot produce a series of livestreams to strengthen their brand and online presence. We streamed Ozobot’s content to three platforms simultaneously. To make the experience even more exciting, one part of the team was in Philadelphia while the other part was in San Diego. Ozobot’s live streames were seen by 60,000 people across the three platforms and their Amazon store and Shopify store traffic increased.

Digital Impact & is a full-service communications agency ready to help you develop results-driven campaigns designed to elevate your story & surpass your goals. By leveraging more than 25 years of communications & marketing experience, we implement specialized solutions for our clients including social media management, paid online advertising, earned media support & email marketing campaigns that deliver platform optimized creatives for our clients.
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