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Building Your Brand

Having a recognizable, trusted, and well-known brand is not only an asset but a critical foundation for any organization. Often confused with just a logo and tagline, branding is much bigger than that. It is your story told through your values, solutions, and ideas to your audience or customers.

Brand building doesn’t happen overnight. Digital Impact & builds your brand foundation by helping you find your authentic voice and then develops supportive messaging to reach your audience that’s reflective of your brand.

Case studies

Councilmember David Alvarez

The Client: David Alvarez served as San Diego City Councilmember from 2010 to 2018. 

The Challenge: As David Alvarez’s tenure as a councilmember was coming to its end, he wanted to highlight and preserve the story of his accomplishments in the community. 

Our Approach: Digital Impact & worked with Councilmember Alvarez and his communications team to design a multi-channel communications and marketing program. Our program was centered around a redesign of the Councilmember’s website that would be the core communications tool of his story. The multi-channel communications program distributed via social media, printed collateral, online advertising (social media), email, and livestream support directly to targeted constituents and fans. This program involved the production of a series of videos of interviews/testimonials (~50 people) surrounding the Councilmember’s five key areas of focus.  

The Impact: Our program focused on a strong narrative and deployed to a geo-fenced audience through an engagement funnel had a major impact on the Councilmember's engagement during the 8-month duration of the program. We grew the Councilmember's engagement audience to 20,000 audience members and grew the audience by 5,000. The series of videos were seen by over 51,000 people. 
Councilmember David Alvarez's website

San Diego City Firefighters Local 145

The Client: San Diego City Firefighters Local 145 represents close to 900 firefighters and paramedics in the City of San Diego. 

The Challenge: San Diego City Firefighters Local 145 was looking to modernize their internal communications structures and processes within their membership. In addition to their internal program, they wanted the infrastructure and deployment for an external communications/messaging program that would allow them expand their reach to the broader San Diego Community. 

Our Approach: We started with a detailed SWOT analysis of all current internal and external systems. Based on the results, we then built a strategy to maximize and build on the current systems that were working. For example, San Diego City Firefighters Local 145 had an engaged internal email marketing list of its members. This approach allowed us to seamlessly integrate our program into the current operations of the union.  

The Impact: We helped Local 145 to broaden their audience and build power in the City of San Diego. Through the program, the union was able to increase its social media followers by 15% and connect with over 4,000 residents.
children in super hero costumes

Formulating Your Approach

Digital Impact & can develop your strategy from idea to implementation. As a part of our diligent practice, we design specialized solutions to meet your communications needs.

We help you develop a holistic approach to reach your objectives from concept, to strategy, to implementation.

Case studies

Holly Drive Leadership Academy

The Client: Holly Drive Leadership Academy is a small K-8 charter school established in 1999. The school is located in San Diego and serves primarily low-income African American and Latino student populations.

The Challenge: The school wanted to modernize its online presence and attract new students.The school’s website was several years old and it was not optimized for mobile. Parents of the current student population had difficulties finding the information they were looking for and the school did not come up in relevant Google searches. 

Our Approach: We analyzed the content that was on the old website and talked with the school’s principal to determine what information was the most relevant for the current student population as well as for parents researching different school options. We refined the messaging, improved the user flow, created a more straightforward navigation bar, and took new pictures of the school and staff. While working on the website redesign, we also modernized the school’s logo and brand identity and created a Google Business profile for them.

The Impact: By updating the website, we were able to improve the school’s SEO results and saw a 135% increase in website traffic, including a 200% increase in organic searches. In addition, the average session duration increased by 280%. The school has been able to reach new potential parents also through its Google Business profile. During the last quarter, 46% of the people who visited the school’s Google Business profile had  used non-branded search terms, such as charter schools near them.
Holly Drive Leadership Acaedem


The Client: SynED is a non-profit organization that offers industry-specific knowledge and experience to craft effective strategies and solutions that drive performance and lower costs and generate value in higher education.

The Challenge: SynED’s biggest challenge was messaging. Their website didn’t fully reflect their mission and services, and potential clients didn’t understand all the ways in which SynED could help them.

Our Approach: Digital Impact & worked directly with the SynED team to better understand their mission and goals. We tightened the messaging and uplifted the design to reach their target audience. Using the already established brand guidelines, we made a new and improved website with clean direct messaging combined with a user experience that allowed potential clients to discover how SynED could help them. Once this site was finished, SynEd hired us to replicate the experience across other SynEd project sites.

The Impact: SynED has seen a significant increase in visitors to the site and positive feedback from current and potential clients based on the new user experience. 
SynED Website.

Creating Your Presence

Digital Impact & can help you reach your audience with engaging and informative creatives. Our deep expertise across creative content production, like videography, photography, and illustration, enables us to create a variety of professional videos, graphics, and websites. 

We help you stand out by designing creatives that resonate with your audience.

Case Study

Count Me 2020

The Client: Count Me 2020 San Diego and Imperial Counties Census Outreach Coalition is a coalition working to ensure a complete and accurate 2020 Census count in San Diego and Imperial County. 

The Challenge: The coalition needed a communications strategy that engaged over 20 community organizations. This communications strategy and the creatives generated from it needed to be culturally and linguistically relevant to the communities across San Diego and Imperial County. 

Our Approach: Digital Impact & worked closely with the community organizations to better understand their needs and concerns. We approached this project by starting with a communications strategy to lay out the tactical needs of the coalition. Based on this, we developed a website that was easily accessible as well as culturally and linguistically relevant (12 languages). Once the site was complete, we developed an away from home and digital outreach campaign to drive traffic to this resource.   

The Impact: This program gave Count Me 2020 a foundation and a plan for success for the remaining Census 2020 program to communicate with hard to reach communities.
Count Me 2020 posters in different languages.

Innovating Your Outreach

It is important that our clients reach their audience through various emerging channels. In addition to traditional means of communication like brochures and billboards, Digital Impact & helps you connect with people digitally. We’re specialized in creating engaging and impactful digital strategies that allow you to amplify your message and build long-term relationships. We will develop a digital strategy for your needs by utilizing the latest marketing avenues such as text messaging, custom videos, live streams, and emails. 

We help you reach your audience by using various digital channels to amplify your message and build long-term relationships in tandem with traditional communications.

Case Studies


The Clients: Representative Mike Levin, Ozobot, and the San Diego County Democratic Party. 

The Challenges: 

Representative Mike Levin wanted to maintain a level of community outreach as the congressmember for North San Diego and South Orange County that he had developed when he ran for office. He launched an in-person townhall strategy but did not want to limit participation to just the in-person audience so he brought the townhall experience online. This program was converted to an online townhall program during the COVID-19 crisis. 

The San Diego County Democratic Party hosted the first San Diego Mayoral Candidates Forum in August 2019 at the Saville Theatre at San Diego City College. The event sold out fast (268 tickets) and the party wanted to make the debate accessible to those who were not able to attend. 

Ozobot was announcing its new Ozobot Classroom platform and wanted to create an online experience for customers to see the announcement like people at the International Society of Technology Education conference did.

Our Approach: Digital Impact & met with the clients to discuss what they wanted to achieve with the events they were creating. We developed a personalized solution, including multiple remote video/audio feeds, on-screen overlay/titling, and multiple broadcast destinations. These plans were designed specifically to meet the client's individual goals. 

The Impact:  

Each one of Representative Mike Levin’s townhalls is viewed by over 1,000 people. During the coronavirus crisis, the townhalls were available only online and we saw a significant increase in the reach and audience engagement with over 5,500 watching live and more than 325 comments. The townhalls are easily accessible to people on Facebook and they strengthen the congressmember's reputation as a reliable and accountable representative.

The San Diego County Democratic Party Mayoral Forum broadcast extended the in-person event to nine times (over 2,600 people) the number of participants.  

Ozobot’s livestreams were seen by 60,000 people across three online platforms and the company’s Amazon and Shopify store traffic increased significantly.

Representative Mike Levin livestream

Comprehensive targeting across platforms

The Client: Councilmember Vivian Moreno (City of San Diego), Councilmember Akilah Weber (City of La Mesa), and Councilmember Paloma Aguirre (City of Imperial Beach). 

The Challenge: Our clients Vivian Moreno, Dr. Akilah Weber, and Paloma Aguirre were running for city council in three different cities across San Diego County. Each candidate was running  against candidates with incumbency or pre-established connections with the community and they needed a strategy to win in the general election. 

Our Approach: Digital Impact & created a multi-platform, multi-medium communications program that allowed us to target voters through multiple channels. This engagement funnel program allowed us to utilize a variety of touch points via in-person meetings, SMS text messages, phone calls, and digital ads. 

The Impact: All three candidates were elected to city council and both Dr. Akilah Weber and Paloma Aguirre got more votes than the incumbents they were running against. An analysis of the program demonstrated a higher than normal engagement rate across all parts of the program. In addition to our analysis, we saw substantial anecdotal indication that our targets were seeing engagements across multiple touch points.
Vivian Moreno for San Diego City Council website.Akilah Weber for La Mesa City Council mailerPaloma Aguirre for Imperial Beach City Council mailer.

Broadening Your Audience

Social media platforms are one of the best ways to reach new audiences. Whether you want people to buy your product, sign a petition, get to the polls, or join your mailing list, Digital Impact & can get your online audience mobilized beyond views and likes by creating relevant and engaging content. 

We help you reach audiences on social media and get them to take action by creating relevant and engaging content.

Case Study


The Client: Ozobot innovative STEAM education tools for the classroom and home.

The Challenge: In 2019, Ozobot was looking to expand its reach into schools all over the country. Ozobot’s award-winning robots were already used in over 30,000 classrooms and the company wanted to change its digital advertising approach and focus on lead generation and targeting more narrow audiences.

Our Approach: Digital Impact & develop a conversion funnel that was focused on both sales and lead generation. We analyzed the current target audiences to determine the best placements, research branded and non-branded keywords, and evaluated what kind of website behavior predicts conversions. Through cross platform attribution, we developed more refined targeting. We also recommended new innovative advertising methods, including creating a series of livestreams during the ISTE 2019 conference. 

The Impact: We implemented Ozobot’s more than half a million dollar advertising program and helped the company with placing, optimizing, and targeting their creative content across various online platforms. As a result, we drove product interest from over a million highly targeted prospects resulting in customer leads and millions in direct online sales. The ISTE livestreams alone generated a significant increase in the company’s Amazon and Shopify store.
Ozobot representative
Digital Impact & is a full-service communications agency ready to help you develop results-driven campaigns designed to elevate your story & surpass your goals. By leveraging more than 25 years of communications & marketing experience, we implement specialized solutions, including digital advertising, website development, professional livestreams & email marketing campaigns that deliver platform optimized creatives for our clients.
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