Innovating Your Outreach

It is important that our clients reach their audience through various, emerging channels. In addition to traditional means of communication like mailers, Digital Impact & helps you connect with people digitally. We’re specialized in creating engaging and impactful digital strategy that allows you to amplify your message and build long-term relationships. We will develop a digital strategy for your needs by utilizing the latest marketing avenues such text messaging, custom videos, livestreams, and emails. 

We help you reach your audience better by using various digital channels to amplify your message and build long-term relationships in tandem with traditional communications.

Our Work


We implemented a strategic social media campaign positioning CaliBaja as a quality coastal apparel and the go-to-brand that celebrates the Southern California/Baja California culture. As part of our work, we rebranded CaliBaja’s digital presence and created an editorial plan for social media posts, email marketing, and blog articles. We focused on building a loyal community base and a platform where people would go to not only purchase the products but also look for guidance on all things CaliBaja (travel, food, drink, and surf). In three months, we helped grow CaliBaja’s social media audience by 90%.

International Community Foundation

DI& created an online event in Tijuana in partnership with the International Community Foundation. The organization wanted to show what happens to deported immigrants after they return to Mexico. DI& helped to design the event, recorded content at an immigration shelter, interviewed local activists, and administered live Q&A in two locations. The interactive livestream reached over 10,200 people.

Councilmember Vivian Moreno

DI& helped San Diego City Council candidate Vivian Moreno reach thousands of voters via text messages. We asked people to identify issues in their neighborhood so that we had a clear understanding about the most pressing issues and could respond to them directly. We communicated with almost 10,000 people, and when Vivian Moreno was elected to City Council, she was able to hit the ground running and start working on the issues.

Flip the 49th

We helped Flip the 49th: Neighbors in the Action (2018 California Congressional 49th Democratic Grassroots PAC) ensure their campaign was integrating data across various systems. The data sets allowed DI& to target voters with a set of social media creatives which we produced and messaged in-house. This included setting up a series of marketing funnels that deepened the relationship with voters and moved voters to volunteer, resulting in a turn out of tens of thousands of voters, winning the CA 49th by historic margins. The campaign was a nationally recognized grassroots movement.

Australian Labor Party

DI& worked with the New South Wales Labor Party to build an online donor program targeted at current Australian Labor Party Members. This first of its kind email marketing program to party members included weekly content intended to warm up the cold list and convert them to donors and voters in the federal elections. The program raised 3X the annual goal during the short three month 22-email program.

Digital Impact & is a full-service communications agency ready to help you develop results-driven campaigns designed to elevate your story & surpass your goals. By leveraging more than 25 years of communications & marketing experience, we implement specialized solutions for our clients including social media management, paid online advertising, earned media support & email marketing campaigns that deliver platform optimized creatives for our clients.
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