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  • Design creatives that make you stand out from competition.
  • Enable your audience to process information quickly and effectively.
  • Make sure your creatives are optimized for each platform.
  • Explain complex ideas in a compelling way.

It can be hard to pinpoint what makes a website or an image look good, but we all know when something doesn’t look right. It’s easy to spot if an image or a graphic looks blurry, the text is difficult to read, or the colors are off. In that case the graphic design is not supplementing your message, but rather hindering it. People will judge your organization based on your website and other visual elements and if the first impression is bad, they are not likely to come back.

90% of the information transmitted in the human brain is visual. That's why it is important that organizations can communicate about their products, services, and values visually. Strong graphics allow you to share your message in seconds and help you establish an emotional connection with your audience. 

Digital Impact & can help you reach your audience with engaging and informative creatives. Our deep expertise across creative content production, like videography, photography, and illustration, enables us to create a variety of professional videos, graphics, and websites. Whether you’re looking for a new logo, display ads, social media creatives, or marketing materials, we can help you stand out from your competition by designing creatives that resonate with your audience.

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Our Work

Count Me 2020 posters
Count Me 2020 - San Diego and Imperial Counties Census Outreach Coalition
San Diego County Democratic Party voter guide
San Diego County Democratic Party
ACLU of San Diego and Imperial Counties
Local 89 voter guide
LiUNA Local 89
Holly Drive Leadership Academy billboard and logo
Holly Drive Leadership Academy

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Digital Impact & is a full-service communications firm ready to help you develop results-driven campaigns designed to elevate your story & surpass your goals. By leveraging more than 25 years of communications & marketing experience, we implement specialized solutions, including paid online advertising, website development, professional livestreams & email marketing campaigns that deliver platform optimized creatives for our clients.
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